Talbot's Toyland proudly serves San Mateo and the Bay Area

For a children's game and toy store that always has the most exciting stock at the most affordable prices, Talbot's Toyland proudly serves the Bay Area and beyond. Offering an exciting inventory that is curated to provide engaging and imaginative toys and products for your children, there is always something new at Talbot's Toyland.

Talbot's Toyland carries name brands toys, and playsets; featuring everything from Legos to Barbie dolls. Doll houses purchased at Talbot's Toyland are top of the line, and also come in a full range of collectors pieces that will remain timeless treasures. For a look at some truly one of a kind pieces, visit Talbot's Toyland in the Bay Area!

High Roller Adult Big Wheel

Who says kids have all the fun?
Not us!
Presenting the High Roller Adult Big Wheel. A great way for those of us too big for a tricycle to feel like a kid again. Priced at $699.99

Doll Houses, Barbie Dolls, Clothes & Accessories!

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Rainbow Looms and Rubber Band Bracelets

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Talbot’s Toyland carries Rainbow Looms, Royal Looms, Fun Looms and DIY Looms as well as a wide selection of extra rubber bands in over fifty colors.  This is a great gift idea for boys and girls ages six and up.  Please call for availability.

Lego Masterbuilder Series

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LEGO® Master Builders are the highly-trained and super-creative builders who design all of the official LEGO sets. Other LEGO Master Builders create giant, detailed sculptures out of LEGO bricks for LEGOLAND® Parks and special events all around the world.

It takes years of practice to become a LEGO Master Builder. They know all kinds of special tricks for building strong and good-looking LEGO models…and with LEGO Master Builder Academy, for the first time, they’re sharing those tips and techniques with LEGO fans!

While LEGO Master Builder Academy will not make you an official LEGO Master Builder (you have to be an employee of The LEGO Group for that), it will teach you many of the skills, design secrets, and advanced building techniques that the real LEGO Master Builders use in their jobs, and help you to truly master the art of building!


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