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For a children's game and toy store that always has the most exciting stock at the most affordable prices, Talbot's Toyland proudly serves the Bay Area and beyond. Offering an exciting inventory that is curated to provide engaging and imaginative toys and products for your children, there is always something new at Talbot's Toyland.


Talbot's Toyland carries name brands toys, and playsets; featuring everything from Legos to Barbie dolls. Doll houses purchased at Talbot's Toyland are top of the line, and also come in a full range of collectors pieces that will remain timeless treasures. For a look at some truly one of a kind pieces, visit Talbot's Toyland in the Bay Area!
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EcoReco Electric Scooter

You may have heard of it online or in the news, but just what is the EcoReco?
Originally a project hosted on Kickstarter, the EcoReco is finally available to the public, and it's quickly becoming our favorite scooter!  The low profile rear fender will keep your ankles dry should you roll through an errant puddle, and the front hand brake will safely bring you to a stop.  Under the proverbial hood of this scooter is a 36v Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and a 250W motor. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are non-toxic and less harmful to the environment than other types of batteries, so you can feel good about your ride. The 250W brushless motor doesn't require a chain, transmission, or gears and therefore has less moving parts and less maintenance than most other electric scooters.  The EcoReco scooter is definitely the best thing to come to commuting since sneakers, get yours today!
Click on photo to see the EcoReco in action.

GoPed Electric Scooter

Come see the stock version of the GoPed scooter like the now famous one that was stolen and returned in San Francisco!
Click on photo to see the GoPed Hoverboard in action.

Meet Alexis the all new 18 Inch doll from Via-E

Talbot's is proud to anounce that we are the first retailer to offer Alexis dollfriends and accessories!
Alexis is not a princess...not a rock star...just a girl like you. She can tilt her head, turn her hands up to receive a gift, rotate her legs out to first position in Ballet...even walk on the beach leaving her footprints in the sand. She is the best Dollfriend ® a girl could have. All you have to do it take her home.

High Roller Adult Big Wheel

Who says kids have all the fun?
Not us!
Presenting the High Roller Adult Big Wheel. A great way for those of us too big for a tricycle to feel like a kid again. Priced at $699.99
18 Inch Dolls, Clothes, Shoes, Furniture and Accessories!
Click on photo for more information about our 18" doll department.


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