UP Aerospace Space Loft Bulk Pack (12)

# ESTT1793
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    This is an EDUCATORS PACK of 12 Up Aerospace Spaceloft Estes Rockets.  
    Recommended for ages 10 years and up with adult supervision for those under 12.
    This rocket is a E2X series that is almost ready-to-fly skill level 0.      
    These packs are used for classroom learning about rocketry.            
    FEATURES: The Up Aerospace SpaceLoft Bulk Pack is an almost exact replacement  
    for the #1750 Gnome                                                
    This educator pack is designed for classroom learning, and comes     
    complete with almost-ready-to-fly model rockets and accessories,   
    including presure-sensative decals.                                
    Easy assembly -- no modeling experience required; some measuring     
    and simple gluing.                                                 
    Students receive safe, hands-on learning with their own sub-orbital  
    payload rocket. The UP Aerospace is a mini-engine rocket that      
    launches with a standard Estes Porta-Pad® II Launch Pad (ESTT2215) 
    and Electron Beam® Controller (ESTT2220).                          
    Pre-aligned, molded plastic fin units or Through-the-Tube (T3)       
    plastic fins                                                       
    Detailed, illustrated assembly and launching instructions.           
    Extra bonus, each bulk pack includes an Estes Rocket Lab Lesson Guide
    Each rocket is individually bagged                                   
    Instructions and warranty sheet included with each rocket            
    INCLUDES: Twelve Up Aerospace Spaceloft flying model rocket kits               
    REQUIRES: Assembly                                                             
    Porta-Pad II launch pad (ESTT2215)                                   
    Masking tape                                                         
    Electron beam launcher (ESTT2220)                                    
    Recovery wadding (ESTT2274)                                          
    Engines  1/2A3-2T (ESTT1503) - first flight                          
    1/2A3-4T (ESTT1504 or ESTT1788 - educator pack)             
    A3-4T (ESTT1507)                                            
    A10-3T (ESTT1511)                                           
    Also, use scissors and pencil                                        
    SPECS:    Length:       12.5"  (31.75cm)                                       
    Recovery:     Streamer                                               
    Max.Altitude: 834 ft. (254m)                                         
    COMMENTS: This rocket has been designed specifically for use only with Estes   
    products. Use of this product with any other brand-name rocket     
    product containing any defect or causing any damage may void the   
    Estes warranty.
    Product Specifications
    • Brand: Estes.
    • Item Number: ESTT1793.
    • Recommended for ages : 10 to 13+.
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