Rascal RTF Rocket Kit

# ESTT1906
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    This is the Rascal Flying Model Rocket from Estes®.                 
    Suitable for Ages 10 & Older.                          
    FEATURES: Flies up to 1200 feet high                                           
    Fully assembled                                                      
    Returns to earth via a 12" parachute                                 
    Detailed launching instructions, NAR Safety Code, Rocketeer's Guide, 
    and full one year warranty                                         
    INCLUDES: One Rascal rocket                                                    
    REQUIRES: Engines: A8-3 (ESTT1598)-first flight or B4-4 (ESTT1602)             
    or  B6-4 (ESTT1606) or  C6-5 (ESTT1614) or  C6-7 (ESTT1615)     
    Porta Pad II launch pad (ESTT2215)                                   
    Launch controller (ESTT2230)                                         
    Igniters (ESTT2301)                                                  
    Ignite plugs                                                         
    Recovery wadding (ESTT2274)                                          
    SPECS:    Length: 14" (355.6mm)                                                
    Diameter: .976" (24.79mm)                                            
    Weight: 1.52oz (43g)                                                 
    Altitude: 1200 ft (366m)                                             
    Recovery: 12" (304.8mm) assembled parachute
    Product Specifications
    • Brand: Estes.
    • Item Number: ESTT1906.
    • Recommended for ages : 10 to 13+.
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