KOTA Longboards

Handmade in Denver, KOTA (Knights of the Air) was founded by former US Navy Pilot, Michael Maloney. His love of woodworking led him to crafting skateboards while his military background led to the styles and names. Each is derived from the historic World War I military airplanes flown by the “Knights of the Air’ -- a group that took to dangerous skies but always kept their chivalry, honor, integrity and courage intact while pushing their aircrafts to the limit. These boards -- and the brand -- are very, very cool.







KOTA Longboards – Delivering Authentic Fun!  Each KOTA longboard is engineered for carving performance and comfort. As a rider, YOU control your direction and speed by turning and traversing the road – similar to surfing or downhill skiing. Mastering your KOTA longboard ride brings exhilaration and fun to a wide range of terrain. Physically invigorating and mentally relaxing, enjoy the FREEDOM of landsurfing on your KOTA longboard!


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