NSA Starship Starter Set

# ESTT1852
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    Travel between stars in your Estes NSA Starship while you explore new galaxies! When you're traveling in hyperspace, kick the Starship into warp drive and move faster-than-light. Like those giant rockets launched at the Cape, this ready to fly model rocket can really thunder into the sky. For that "little bit of astronaut in everybody", this rocket is for you!

    The NSA Starship is a ready to launch rocket that can take you where you've never gone before. It reflects the look of the real launch vehicles used to carry satellites into orbit and astronauts into space. The NSA Starship is 18 inches (45.7 cm) in length. Launch it on standard Estes engines to reach altitudes over 600 feet (183 m) high. A bright 12 inch (30 cm) parachute returns this vessel back to earth for relaunch.
    Product Specifications
    • Brand: Estes.
    • Item Number: ESTT1852.
    • Recommended for ages : 11 to 13+.
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