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Alligator-plush, by Melissa & Doug It's amazing! Over five feet long, this fabulous alligator stuffed animal will inspire lots of affectionate hugs. Every wrinkle and ridge adds to the allure and interest of this reptilian friend...[Product Details...]

Bald Eagle - Plush

Bald Eagle - Plush

Incredible details - including bold yellow beak and feet, shiny black talons and expressive eyes - grace this Eagle! The combination of an amazingly soft finish and sturdy wireframe construction makes for a quality, long-lasting toy.[Product Details...]

Black Bear and Cub - Plush

Black Bear and Cub - Plush

Just looking at this irresistible bear pair makes kids want to snuggle... but when they cozy up to the massive mama bear's ultra-soft fur, it's love at first hug! Durably constructed of high-quality materials, both mama and baby are surface-washable.[Product Details...]

Camel - Plush

Camel - Plush

This Camel from Melissa & Doug is sure to become a favorite toy in your child's collection. Four strong, wide feet and a solid wireframe construction mean that it's a sturdy friend in the desert - or anywhere a child's playtime might end up.[Product Details...]

Cheetah  Plush

Cheetah Plush

Cheetah Plush, by Melissa & Doug Beauty and elegance define cheetahs in the wild. This tame cheetah, over four feet from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail, is content to sit by your side...[Product Details...]

Cocker Spaniel  Plush

Cocker Spaniel Plush

Cocker Spaniel Plush, by Melissa & Doug Your new best friend awaits adoption. This charming cocker spaniel has excellent quality construction and attention to lifelike details, especially around its bright eyes...[Product Details...]

Deer  Plush

Deer Plush

Deer Plush, by Melissa & Doug Doe, a deer.... Bring a bit of wildlife into your child"s room with this beloved forest friend. Excellent quality construction and attention to detail...[Product Details...]

Dolphin  Plush

Dolphin Plush

Dolphin Plush, by Melissa & Doug With its smiling expression and bright eyes, this friendly dolphin will leap right into your heart...[Product Details...]

Elephant  Plush

Elephant Plush

Elephant Plush, by Melissa & Doug Make way for the elephant! You"ll need plenty of room in your heart for this lovable elephant. Excellent quality construction and attention to detail are obvious in this elephant"s tusks...[Product Details...]

Giraffe  Plush

Giraffe Plush

Over four feet tall, this gentle giant brings a touch of the exotic into any environment. The perfect accessory in a nursery, this eye-catching giraffe is a great addition to any d?cor! Attention to authentic details and excellent quality construction mak[Product Details...]

Jack Russell Terrier  Plush

Jack Russell Terrier Plush

Jack Russell Terrier Plush, by Melissa & Doug Lovable and familiar, this Jack Russell terrier is a faithful, steady friend. With top-quality construction, attention to authentic markings and a lifelike expression...[Product Details...]

Jumbo Blue Teddy Bear

Jumbo Blue Teddy Bear

Jumbo Blue Teddy Bear, by Melissa & Doug Bear lovers will delight in hugging and tumbling with this super-soft, oversize bear, designed with quality construction for lots of lovin'! With his friendly expression and soft, baby-blue fur...[Product Details...]

Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear  Plush

Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear Plush

So lovable, it's almost un?bearable?! This beautiful brown bear is over two feet in every dimension. With excellent quality construction, this fabulous bear features soft, furry fabric and has a classic teddy bear look. Soft and huggable, this timeless te[Product Details...]

Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear

Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear

Jumbo Pink Teddy Bear, by Melissa & Doug Plumply-pink and stuffed with love, this oversize snuggle buddy is the perfect accent for your bear lover's room. Made of soft...[Product Details...]

Kangaroo and Joey - Plush

Kangaroo and Joey - Plush

The lifelike Kangaroo mom and baby from Melissa & Doug are ready to spring into action in your child's room - and their imagination. The kangaroo's sturdy wireframe construction and long tail and feet help it stand tall.[Product Details...]

Lion  Plush

Lion Plush

This King of the Jungle can rule over any environment! Beautifully detailed and lifelike, our king sized, stuffed lion is carefully constructed to be the ?mane? feature in your home for many years.[Product Details...]

Panda  Plush

Panda Plush

What's black and white and loved all over? This panda is over two feet tall and ready to hug. Featuring excellent quality construction, soft, furry fabric and an endearing expression. Soft and huggable, this will appeal to bear lovers of every age.[Product Details...]

Penguin  Plush

Penguin Plush

Penguin Plush, by Melissa & Doug With its signature black-and-white coloring and dramatic yellow markings, this lifelike stuffed penguin is ready for fun...[Product Details...]

Tiger  Plush

Tiger Plush

This elegant Siberian tiger features lifelike details from the tip of its striped tail to the pads on its front paws. Attention to detail and excellent quality construction will provide exotic delight in any environment.[Product Details...]

Walrus - Plush

Walrus - Plush

With its shiny fur and long white tusks, this wise and wrinkly walrus is a perfect playtime companion for pretend ocean adventures! Realistic coloring, floppy flippers, and a leathery little nose make it whimsical![Product Details...]

Zebra  Plush

Zebra Plush

What's black and white and loved on every continent? A zebra, of course! Nearly three feet tall and over three feet long, this beautifully constructed and detailed zebra has dramatic markings, an affectionate expression and a fuzzy mane![Product Details...]

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